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Norman's Elite Catering

When considering Norman’s Bistro Catering, remember event design, menu preparation and presentation, venue options, cleanup and all of the extra services that you will need. If you desire, Norman’s Elite Catering will provide for and coordinate floral, music and entertainment, photography, collateral design and printing, audiovisual equipment, bar service, and valet parking.

Our pricing depends on many elements specific to your particular event. Our proposals are priced all-inclusive. We pride ourselves on showing all equipment, staffing, taxes and gratuities up front – there are no hidden costs. We use high quality ingredients, the best vendors, a well trained staff, and a we have a commitment to excellent customer service.


Give us some details about your event and we’ll get back to you with a personalized quote. 

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Coordinated Services

In addition to our impressive array of in-house services and equipment.  Norman's Elite Catering maintains strong working relationships throughout the special events industry.


We have preferred access to the best resources in décor, lighting, entertainment, photography, valet parking, tents and more. Beyond catering, we excel at special event planning by helping to find and coordinate those creative and exciting services that will make your event perfect.

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